Product Photography in Singapore

Product Photography illustrates the form factor, functionality and design to your viewers. Great pictures mean that you’d get higher conversions, which leads to an increase in sales.

Be it for your E-Commerce Website, packaging, or for advertisements, we will help you with it.

We’ll make your products stand out, and we will do whatever it takes.

1. Conceptualisation

Brainstorming and planning.

3. Photo shoot

Capturing your masterpiece.

2. Product Preperation

Beautify your product.

4. Post Production

Perfecting the image.


Our experts will hear your requirements, study it, and come up with a plan for the project. This is a crucial step as we set common grounds and what you can expect working with us.

A concept will be curated, just for you.

Product Preparation

We will prepare your product, adding any visual enhancements such as evaporation, or props to enhance the visual appearance of your products, so that it will not look like any other plain picture.

flat lay photography
product photography


After careful preparations, here comes the photoshoot. Watch as your product is being captured and transformed into a digital masterpiece.

Post Production

Although most of the “actual work” is done during the photoshoot phase, post production is an equally important step to mastering each picture.

Our detailed designers look for blemishes and imperfections and correct them, making it look as flawless as possible.

Our professionals use a wide variety of softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Capture One and Lightroom.

jewelry product photography

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Let's work together.

Why Product Photography?

Whether you are a distributer, advertising agency, or manufacturer, Product Photography is integral in expressing your product in the form of an image to your audience.

You simply cannot describe your product in words, the only solution is through photography.

Product Photography can also be used in advertisements and digital marketing and E-Commerce Web Design.

E-Commerce Product Photography

E-Commerce is rapidly taking over physical retail. This is especially evident during the Covid-19 outbreak, where many consumers are forced to alternative means of retail such as E-Commerce.

However, not having a physical retail space would mean that customers can only view the product that you are selling through pictures.

You only have one chance to captivate your audiences. That is why having a Good Product Photographer is of utmost importance.

As an eCommerce product photographer, we create exciting concepts and art directions for every client, ensuring that the photograph is of excellent quality.

What are your charges like?

We do not follow a pricelist. Each and every project is individually quoted based on your requirements.

However, our rates are fair and in line with the market rate. We are very transparent with our rates.

How long does a session last?

This typically depends on the number of shots required, environmental factors and other reasons. Usually each shot will take around 30 minutes.

You may highlight this to our photograhper who will provide further advise.

How much space do you need?

Typically, we do not need much space. Probably about two average table space.

Where can the shoot take place?

We are flexible. We can either conduct the shoot at your kitchen, your preferred location or at our studio.

As long as we have enough space, a condusive environment and appropriate lighting conditions, we are set.